Hello and welcome to my first blog post, ah! Feel slightly nervous letting this go live but it’s something that I’ve really been meaning to do for a while now. And since I’ve become a fashion writer I’ve figured it’s a good time to write for myself too!

A little about me; if you already follow me on Instagram you’ll know I purchase/wear/post A LOT of lingerie and I totally hope to continue that here. Alongside outfits, lifestyle and a bit of beauty is what I’d like this blog to be about.

I currently write for a magazine and work in a little shop in Soho, London. I’m super tall and have the cutest cat ever. I think that’s how most people would sum me up; ‘the tall blonde girl with who loves lingerie and has a cute cat’ that’s me!




This dress is my dream dress, that is until I can afford the Realisation one! So as soon as I saw this dupe on Missguided I knew I had to buy it, luckily seeing it coincided with my birthday so I had a reason to treat myself. It fits really well and for once isn’t ridiculously short on me!

I’ve teamed it with my trusty leather jacket that I bought years ago on ebay for around £50 and it’s definitely the best £50 I’ve ever spent. I know full well that this jacket is going to last me my whole life. The fishnet tights I purchased on ebay too as I found the ones sold in topshop, asos etc were so pricey for something I’d most likely rip within three wears, so I picked these up for a few pounds instead.

I also haven’t taken off these vans since buying them and have no idea what shoes I even wore before I got these.










Dress: Missguided

Fishnets: Ebay (in fishnet size medium)

Shoes: Vans

Leather jacket: similar here

All photographs by Samuel Ellett (@somwellellett)

If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading/viewing my first blog post!! The wonderful Sam Ellett took these photographs and I think they’ve turned out super cool! Hats off to him for finding the red letter box to match my dress. Massive credit to Sam!

Please do let me know what you’d like to see on my blog as feedback is super appreciated!

Paige x

follow me on instagram @paileaa

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