Red, again

I feel a little bit silly that my second blog post is also red themed but I’m loving the colour at the moment. I’m currently wearing at least one red item almost everyday so at least this blog is being an accurate representation of my life!

I was lovingly gifted this tshirt from Fan Club Clothing, a brand I’ve been following for a while so I was super chuffed when they sent me this piece along with a discount code for all you lovely lot to use (see bottom of this post)!

img_8665-1 img_8691-1

I’m very happy that the print on this tshirt is velvet as opposed to a screen print so it means it won’t fade in the wash, thank god! I have so many tshirt that have faded badly so I’m very pleased with the quality of this tee.

My skirt is from H&M and as usual for H&M I had to size up TWO sizes, ridicous. It’s still super short even though I got a size 12 when I’m an 8 everywhere else. But nonetheless I love this skirt, ruffles as well as gingham is a total dream. And speaking of dreams, this red suede jacket! I picked it up on depop for £20 and it’s so amazing, the suede feels so good and I cannot wait to wear it throughout the summer.

Down to the shoes, again, red. These are from Zara, I grabbed them in the Black Friday sale last year. They’re not the comfiest of boots as the sole is very thin on the ball of your foot but maybe with a cushioned insole I’d wear them more. They look great teamed with light wash and black denim jeans, I also feel I could go totally red out and wear them with my missguided star dress too.

Jacket - depop

Tshirt - Fan Club Clothing

Skirt - H&M

Boots - Zara

Choker - Primark

Fab Club Clothing discount code for 10% off your order


Photographs by Laurie Truman

I’m going to try to post weekly from now on! See ya soon

Paige x

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