Love your skin


Loving your body, your skin and yourself as a whole is something I am a massive advocate for. I think accepting your body really enhances your confidence. Luckily I haven’t found it too hard to accept and be happy with my body as I have a super supportive network of family and friends and I am a very positive person.

I have stretch marks from where I grew so tall so quickly (I’m a shade off 6ft) and I’m totally fine with that. At the age of 13/14 years old when they started to appear, yes I was self conscious of them and hated wearing shorts but as they faded, so did my worries. I also couldn’t name a girl I know who doesn’t have stretch marks! They’re there and there’s nothing wrong with having them!



I get asked a lot how I have the confidence to post / shoot wearing underwear with so many girls saying “I couldn’t do that”. I feel fine being in my pants, my family are super open so I’ve always been happy just chilling in underwear. There’s no reason to have to hide your body, it’s your skin and you do with it what you wish!

So many people say that you’re at your peak in your early-mid 20’s and I’m 22, I have stretch marks, acne and cellulite so if this is as good as it gets I might as bloody well make the most of it!



My wonderful pal Taylor Lyttleton shot these photographs of me last summer in my old uni house. This was the first shoot where I’d worn lingerie, obviously I was nervous at first but once I took my clothes off I was totally at ease. I like shoots where it feels like you’re just hanging out and that’s what this shoot was like. Taylor works amazingly with light and shadows and I love these photographs.


As always, thank you for reading!

Also thanks to Taylor (Instagram and Flickr)

Love your skin!

Paige x

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