Disposables: Bestival 2016 – February 2017

Scan 2

I’m the first to say I am rubbish at taking photos when I’m out / drunk / having fun. I bought this disposable camera before Bestival last year and I was still trying to finish the roll in February! I always end up totally forgetting I own a phone or have a camera on night outs or events I go to. Which I think can be good because I’m ‘living in the moment’ and not just seeing it through a screen!

As I’ve finally got my photos developed and scanned in I thought I’d share them!

(above: Ben, Kate and I on the last day of Bestival 2016)

Scan 11

Bestival 2016.

Scan 4

Kate and I, Saturday night at Bestival.

Scan 5

Mornings at Bestival.

Scan 12

A burrito that tasted out of this world and was definitely worth using up a photo for.

Scan 8Scan 7

Ryan, Kate, Katie and I at Frank’s in Peckham last September.

Scan 3

New Years Eve 2016, me and Kate clearly enjoying her chicken nuggets at 4am.

Scan 1

Kate and I before a night out in February 2017.

Scan 6Scan 10

Jonty, Kate and I before a night out in February 2017.

Scan 13

Carolina and Taylor shooting for 1999 Magazine in December 2016.

Hopefully I’ll be taking more photographs from now on as I love how these have come out!

Paige x

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