My love for red


Here I am, once again in an outfit that is predominantly red. Over the past year I have totally fallen in love with anything that is pillar box red. Whether that be this dreamy suede jacket, jeans, dresses, lingerie, nail varnish or lipstick. As soon as I see something red I’m always thinking ‘I must have it’.

Since bleaching my hair light blonde (around a year ago) I think wearing red suits me a lot more. My natural colour is a dark blonde mousy colour (pretty much the colour of pond water) which is very dull and mundane. Being blonde definitely jazz’s my outfits up and makes them more vibrant, especially when it comes to red. I feel confident in red and would happily wear red every day for the rest of my life. It’s nice to find a colour that suits your skin tone and you know will look nice on you without trying it on. My skin is very pale and I get red very easily so that might be why red clothing works. I also find that if I wear nail varnish that isn’t a shade of red it makes my skin look so pale and gross.

img_5282-4FullSizeRender 7

Carolina shot these near Mile End last week. Amazingly, although it was raining you can’t see in these photos, so lets all just imagine the weather was as glorious as it currently is. Saying this, my poor red suede jacket does seem to bring me bad luck as almost every time I wear it, it rains. I’m often caught in just a t-shirt/top in the rain with this jacket in my bag in fear of it getting ruined. When you’ve bought something vintage/one off you definitely feel a real need to look after it as you know it can’t repurchase, so I have sacrificed being wet for this jacket many a time.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 5

My top is from Bershka that I bought on a recent shopping trip to Brighton. I was after a white / off white button down top as I wanted something that could go easily with jeans, but wasn’t a t-shirt. I found this and thought it was adorable, its a crinkled crepe fabric and luckily doesn’t shrink in the wash! Paired with my usual tailored Levi 550’s and heeled espadrilles from Banyan. Topped off with my usual jewellery pieces: St Christopher necklace, Amythest Rock N Rose Ring, Daniella Draper engraved ring, dolphin ring from Australia, two of my mums rings and my Timex watch, all of which I wear every day.

FullSizeRender 6

Thank you to Carolina for the photos and I hope everyone has a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend!

Paige x

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