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A couple months ago I was photographed by Bradley Stanley for a feature in his new magazine Made Magazine. A magazine with the ethos of street style but with real life, relatable content. Creating images and interviews that show stories of our current cultures and the society we live in. Pulling away from celebrity endorsement to engage with and reflect the people around us.

My interview with Bradley is as followed…

Name & Age: Paige Leanne, aged 22

Where are you from & where do you live currently?

From and currently living in West Sussex, Working in London.

What is your occupation?

part time retail – part time freelance

Tells us something about yourself?

I absolutely love lingerie!

Describe your clothing style in three words?

I find summarising my style so hard! Maybe vintage inspired but a modern take and creative because I’m always wearing my favourite clothes all at once.


What is your opinion on social media?

I think social media is great for building a base and community in your chosen career or interest. Collaborations via social media are a good way of getting yourself out into the industry. I have met so many amazing people through social media that I have been lucky enough to work with to create some great projects. The way I use social media allows me to connect with women and men that have the same views and opinions as me. They also really support one another, there is a wonderful network of people I know supporting each other’s work and projects which is so incredible to see.

What does personal mean to you?

Personal means to me, something chosen and thought out to have a meaning to yourself. Personal in the context of style is how you can show and express your personality through what you’re wearing and how you have styled your outfit together.


Are you a seasonal dresser?

Not so much, other than for practical reasons such as the weather. I tend to dress differently each day, I don’t have one particular set style. I usually wear all my current favourite clothes at once and work like that. Although, I do have certain pieces that I wear in particular seasons and then put away until it’s that season again but I think that’s more to do with being too warm or too cold in a piece. I have a rusty orange faux fur coat that I wish I could wear all year round but surprising the English summer is too hot for it.

Any cultures play a role in your wardrobe?

Spring time always makes me love the Parisian style so I’m wearing a few things inspired by that. I also follow a lot of women of a similar style and often take inspiration from them, so I guess that almost counts as a culture of people. I’ve never been one to abide to one culture when dressing because my mind and mood changes all the time and I wouldn’t like to limit myself to only dressing one type of way.

What would say to someone who was afraid of exploring new trends and fashion styles?

Don’t be afraid for one, there’s nothing to be afraid of! I’ve worn some crazy things in the past that I look back on now and think ‘oh god how awful’ but at the time I loved it and felt great. If you want to wear something or try something new then I say go for it, whether anyone else likes it or not. If you feel good then thats what matters.


Exploring new ways of dressing, can bring positive and negative comments. What is the best and worse thing someone’s ever said?

I used to get a fair bit of anonymous Tumblr hate messages, I can’t remember them specifically but they were usually about skirts being short on me (I’m 6ft so they always are!) and people saying thats slutty or whatever, which is dumb because its just my leg! I don’t get many negative comments now because I think people think what’s the point when clearly I’m not going to care.

Some of the best things people say are the lovely comments I get on Instagram and when people stop me in the street to say they like my outfit or ask where my shoes are from for example. It’s also lovely when your best friends and people you love say they really like so and so, always makes me smile.

Are there any women in the industry who you look up to and why?

Caroline De Maigret @carolinedemaigret, Jeanne Damas @jeannedamas@jeannedamas, Taylr Anne @taylranne, Megan Ellaby @meganellaby, Anne-Laure @Adenorah, Laurie Trueman @laurieclemence and Alice Catherine @alicecatherine. These are the women that come to mind when I think of who inspires me, whether that be for style, life or if I need a pick me up with my chosen career path when I’m having a freak out! I think these women are all total ‘girl bosses’ and doing really well in their lives and also look amazing when doing so. I think the fashion industry is very tough but with the use of social media and blogging etc it’s allowing so many more women to express themselves, their style and their positivity. That’s why I look up to these lovely ladies!


If you had all the money in the world what one piece of clothing would you buy?

I’m yet to own a designer piece and I rarely look at expensive pieces because I just end up lusting over something way out of my price range! I’d definitely have to purchase a handbag, it would most likely be Miu Miu or Gucci as I love their handbags! And will have to be something black leather and classic so I can pass it down to my future daughter.

The word fashion is tossed around a lot, what is your interpretation of this saying?

Fashion isn’t just the mainstream, fashion is anything you wear, anything you fashion your self in or fashion together. Fashion has always been at the centre of things I’m massively in love with and it’s what makes me happy and keeps me going everyday. I love fashion because it can be interpreted so differently, its always changing and evolving and that’s what makes me love it so much. In 50 years time fashion will be so different and I cannot wait to keep growing and changing with it!

Images and interview originally published in Made Magazine.

Made Magazine




Paige x


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