Feeling comfortable in dresses with Gola


How amazing are these Rainbow Coaster trainers from Gola! I was super lucky to be sent these pre release a few weeks ago and I love them. They’ve now gone live online so all you lovely people can buy them and have rainbow shoes too! I’ve chosen to wear them with my favourite dress, it’s a thin viscose mustard yellow fabric with black outlined flowers. I bought it from forever 21 a few years ago. It fits really well and I always feel great it in, which brings me to the topic of this blog post ‘feeling comfortable in dresses’.

I have always and will always love dresses and skirts, I’ve only started wearing jeans commonly in the past year. Whilst at uni/sixth form I would never wear trousers or jeans because I used to not feel comfortable in them where as I’d always feel much more confident in skirts and dresses. I think finding a fit that suits you really helps. For example, I look awful and I mean really awful in midi or maxi dresses. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work but I look like a curtain, because I’m so tall they always hit me in the wrong place and make me look like some sort of frumpy maid. So I always stick to mini dresses, I may flash my bum as I walk up the tube escalator in my short skirts but oh well it’s only a bum.


When I’m looking for a new dress, bum to waist size ratio is a must. For my boob and waist size I have rather large hips so tight fitting dresses aren’t great and don’t make me feel great as they’ll be tight over my bum and baggy at the waist. Meaning a don’t feel confident at all. Whereas A line dresses suit most people as they float over the hips and are snug on the waist, this is a style I stick to most. Wrap dresses are everywhere at the moment and although I’m yet to buy one, they’re so great as you can cinch yourself right in at the waist which is such a plus if you’re bigger on top or on bottom.

Fabric is also something I think lots about, I really like viscose, cottons and fabrics that float. Studying fashion and being obsessed with fabrics means I’m constantly feeling textures and always read the composition whether I’m in store or online.


Although I’m very grateful for my long legs it can be so tedious when it comes to dresses, which does pull on my confidence. Finding dresses that cover my bum enough is a task! Having petite friends means I often hear they have the opposite issue, I think unless you’re the average woman height, you’re going to struggle!

I think a big thing when it comes to wearing dresses and feeling confident and comfortable is sexism. I wore this exact dress once whilst walking to the tube station (a 12minute walk) and got beeped/whistled/shouted at 8 times by middle aged men, whether that be walking past, driving past or builders. I strongly hate being cat called and always shout back or give them the finger as it’s appalling and incredibly disrespectful when it happens. After that, the whole day I was paranoid I was giving off some sort of ‘hooker’ vibes, obviously that wasn’t the case but I just felt dirty all day long. If anyone ever gets cat called, always stand up for yourself! Men that think they have the right to call you out for wearing a goddam skirt is disgusting!

On a more happy note, dresses are for everyone! Any size height shape, they can be super feminine or totally bad ass. I’m such a lover of dresses and especially when the weather is so beautiful as it is now! Get ya legs out!


Below are some photographs Taylor took on film which I think have super Alice in Wonderland vibes, which if you know me is something I absolutely love!!

Paige - portra 6Paige - portra 17Paige - portra 7Paige - portra 9Paige - portra 16

White denim jacket – M&S

Dress – Forever 21

Trainers – Gola


Have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine!

Paige x

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