Glastonbury 2017

Hands down, Glastonbury was amazing! I had the most fun I’ve ever packed into six days! These photos are not at all in any sort of order because all the days blended into one and my body and mind is still too broken to even begin to figured out the chronology of these photos. Also, there are no pics from Wednesday because it was the hottest day I’ve ever experienced having to carry all my stuff and queue and set up my tent and I spent most of the afternoon sleeping under the tent of the John Peel stage. But the rest of the week was insane and luckily I have accumulated lots of photos to remember it by. So, I hope you enjoy all the pics and I’ll caption them all best I can!

Emily, me and Kate by the Pyramid Stage. Wearing my new favourite aviator jacket from Barney’s.

Emily, me, Kate and Rosie.

Kate and I sitting on the hill by the Glastonbury sign.

You can’t not takes loads of pics of the flags, right?

Kate and I before going to the silent disco on what I think was Thursday night, looking super smiley.

The view walking down from out campsite which was on a massive hill which killed my legs everyday, spot the Pyramid Stage.

Tell a lie, this was Wednesday. Sweating so so much my hair had to go up! Wearing jacket and top gifted from Missy Empire, thank you ladies! Taken just before napping under the John Peel stage and seeing Michael Eavis stroll on past.

Me, Rosie, Chris, Emily, Rob and Felix. Drinking wine out of a coke bottle I previous drank rum and coke in, strange taste.

Kate and I giving the SASS.

Kate, Rosie, Chris, Jon and I. Jon was very attached to the sticker on his nose.

When you get a pic of the gang and Kate swaps being camera lady with you.

The best goddam Mac N Cheese you will ever eat.

Furthering that, the best paella you will ever eat. I ate this twice and would happily eat every day for the rest of my life.

First Aid Kit being amazing as always!

An accidental photo which pretty much sums up how I felt for the whole week.

The XX.

Kate being cute and sassy.

Wearing everything starry.

Foo Fighters were so incredible!

Dream bag was so ideal and fitted all my dailies in, sunglasses I nabbed off eBay and my trusty vans. I didn’t take wellies or a rain mac to Glastonbury so thank goodness for the weather!

My absolute dream trio of girls, Haim. Honestly killed it so so bad! Most incredible set and they had on the coolest outfits. One happy girl seeing them live.

Emily, Rosie and I.

Me and Kate, no idea where or when this was. Looking oddly like twins?

Alex, Kate and Ben. So much posing!

Ribbon tower that I want to steal and put in my garden.

Emily, Emily and Rosie. Pre limbo competition.

Emily, Rosie, Sam and Me. Post limbo competition.

Kate and I.

Kate doing some serious texting back at camp.

All my new pals, here celebrating Fiona’s birthday!

Me outside the John Peel stage. Wearing my favourite dress from Missguided.

Kate and I looking cheery and not tired at all, this must have been at the beginning of the week!

Kate, Emma and I at the silent disco on Friday night.

Max, me, Dodge and Emma. Still at the silent disco.

My Favourite pic of Kate and Jon. Jon still with nose sticker.

Corey and Kate dancing away.

Liam Gallagher!! Singing Don’t Look Back In Anger, dream.

Not too sure who this is, maybe Royal Blood.

Back on the hill, over looking what is now my favourite place on planet earth. It was my first Glastonbury and it definitely lived up to my expectations of being the most incredible, magical place ever and I cannot wait to return. Hope you’ve enjoyed this very unorganised array of photos.

Massive shout out to everyone I hung out with, you know who you are, (I’ll see most of you at Citadel) such a great week!

Paige x


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