girl crushes

Seeing as I have so many girl crushes I thought it would be nice to do a blog post focusing on all the ladies style that I love and take inspiration from every day. For days when I can’t decide on what to wear, when I have an event or I’m lacking in inspiration, I always head to these Instagram’s below for new ideas of how to wear and style my clothes. I have such heart eyes for all these amazing women.


Lucy Williams

British fashion and travel blogger Lucy Williams is probably my biggest girl crush. Her style is always impeccable and I aspire to be her completely. Often sporting Re-done jeans and Reformation dresses with her vintage Balenciaga bag, she’s a total dream.

Instagram – LucyWilliams02


Jeanne Damas


French mega babe and founder of classic French clothing brand Rouje, Jeanne has the ultimate Parisian style and is effortlessly sexy. I think every female I know loves her and wishes she could look that cool 24/7.

Instagram – Jeanne Damas


Courtney Crews

Courtney Crews is a new woman on my radar of instagram’s I always check for style inspo, just look at that yellow suit! Her style is very minimal and scandi, and whoever takes her photos is amazing.

Instagram – CourtneeRuthie


Megan Adelaide

Megan, along with her best friend Taylr (below) are my favourite American gal pal duo. Their styles really compliment each other and the way Megan incorporates tailoring into everyday looks is something I really aspire to.

Instagram – MeganAdelaide


Taylr Anne

Just look at those brown and tan hues Taylr has going on! Taylr’s hair is also the dream and exactly how I want mine to look. Just scrolling through her Instagram makes me so jealous but also gives me such motivation to invest in classic and timeless pieces.

Instagram – TaylrAnne


Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy Hadfield, recently moved to London in THE most amazing apartment, is a blogger and Youtuber who’s videos I love to watch! Her ‘testing basics’ series is so good as she trials hughstreet to high end pieces. Also best pals with Linsdey below!

Instagram – ShotFromTheStreet


Lindsey Holland

Blogger and physio Lindsey is another of the London blogger girls I’d love to be like. Her style is so great and she always has on the best great jeans that fit her like a glove! Lindsey’s Instagram is my go-to when I can’t decide what to wear.

Instagram – RopesofHolland

Camille Rowe

Just like Jeanne, Camille is another woman who everyone I know loves. Half French, half American Californian gal, Camille has the ideal package! Her youtube series with Vogue all about mindfulness is amazing, I’m a real hippie and I love that Camille is to. Watch here.

Instagram – Fingermonkey


Camille Charriere

Another French babe (every French girl is cool, right?) Camille is one of those girls for me who I’m always thinking ‘I want your life’. Everything she does is just effortlessly cool and that yellow jumper she wore at Copenhagen fashion week is, uh the dream!

Instagram – Camileecharriere


I seem to have a French/Parisian theme with girls I have crushes on! Anne-Laure is another Parisian gal who, by the looks of things, owns everything from Realisation! She’s always travelling and having amazing pictures taken in all the great locations she visits.

Instagram – Adenorah

And there we are, all the girl crushes (that I can think of) who’s style I adore, life I’d love to live and women who are absolutely killing it in everything they do.

Paige x



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