Being tall and having the confidence to wear heels

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I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I thought I’d do a post talking about being tall and FINALLY having the confidence to wear heels. I say heels, I’m so not a heels kind of girl, so for this post I’m talking about heeled boots and wearing them casually in the day.

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I purchased these boots from Zara last year in the Black Friday sale for around £40. I must admit this is only the third time I’ve worn them. I love them, they’re amazing, they’re statement and they’re the most classic patent red with a zip pull at the back. There’s no denying my love for them, but I’m just so goddam tall in them! I’m a shade off 6ft in flats so these boots do make me incredibly tall. A 6ft4 girl walking down the streets can attract unwanted attention. Such as, whilst CJ was taking these photos we got shouted/whistled at three times by middle aged men, disgusting. This is something that massively puts me off wearing heels, I strongly detest anyone thinking they have any right to shout objectifying comments at me.

But after chats with my friend Daisy, who is also tall we dismissed negative comments and discussed the amount of amazing heeled boots we have that we never wear, purely down to fear of being really tall. We made a pact for whenever we see each other we’ll both wear heeled boots, boosting each others confidence and also having someone to moan to when your feet are hurting.

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I’ve always been tall and towered over boys, so I now figure I’m just going to tower over them even more. I wouldn’t change being tall for the world as I think it’s a massive part of my personality. And I’m not going to be sad because I can’t buy sassy heeled boots, I’m just going to buy them and wear them until my heart’s content.

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If you’re tall like me, average or petite I think heels in any situation give you a confidence boost. I’m not sure how this works but I always feel more powerful when I have heels on, don’t you?

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I paired these boots with my new corduroy kick flares from The Cords & Co that I’m so chuffed to have been gifted, I got Elin in black. Although they’re quite cropped on me, with a higher ankle boot they work really well. A new t-shirt of mine is from Hundred Club, they have some really amazing ‘Ganni’ vibes designs and for each design there’s only 100 made. I nabbed no.31 so definitely check out their site before the no.100 is gone! I’m also wearing my trusty aviator jacket which has been a staple of mine since I purchased it earlier this year. Along with my usual bag and rayban sunglasses borrowed from CJ, I really like this outfit.

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Trousers – The Cords & Co
T-shirt – Hundred Club
Jacket – Barneys, similar here, here, here and here
Bag – Skinny Dip, similar here
Sunglasses – Rayban Octagonal
Boots – Zara, similar here, here and here


photography – CJ

Paige x


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