Iceland trip and birthday celebrations


Although this blog post has taken a while to pull together (using the fact that I’ve just started a new job as an excuse) I have finally written up about my trip to Iceland for my 23rd birthday. Iceland totally exceeded my exceptions and I can promise you that these pictures don’t even do it justice, its a vast vast place but a place that is incredibly beautiful and HORRENDOUSLY windy! If you think a stormy day down on Brighton beach is bad, that is nothing compared to the wind we faced here! I cannot wait to go back, sadly we didn’t get to see the northern lights due to the weather, but thats just another reason to have another holiday.


Hallgrímskirkja Church, Reykjavik


You can go up to the top of the church for around £7, it’s so worth it as Reykjavik is really pretty from up above.


The view from the top!


Reykjavik has a very ‘Lego town’ look about it, everything is super colourful.


We went to a cake shop near the city hall down by a huge frozen lake, I wish I could have held this cinnamon bun against my head because it was massive!! (I still ate it all though!)


There are so many cranes in Reykjavik and so much building work. Tourism is the biggest industry in Iceland and you can definitely see this.


One thing to keep in mind about Iceland is the extortionate price of everything! See Kinfolk here, for £28!!!

Harpa Concert Hall

Super beautiful at night, sadly my camera wouldn’t focus to get footage of it glittering. Definitely worth a visit.


Golden Circle Tour

Probably the most incredible day of my life, these views were other worldly and no words can describe how breath taking it was. We stopped off at 4 different locations to view waterfalls, Geysers and a crater.


Food in Iceland is very pricey, for my birthday dinner we went to Krust. Considering the price of everywhere else it was very reasonable, around £20 for a small main meal and £7 for a beer.


Lucky Records

This record shop was literally around the corner from our hotel, other than a £45 old Taylor Swift record, it was super cool! They hold small gigs there, sell art prints (of which I purchased) and merch (mainly Bjork).


The Sun Voyager

iIf this day were clear from clouds it would have been an even more incredible view seeing the mountains in the background. Inspired by Viking ships (of which Icelands original settlers were) this sculpture is beautiful, huge and very sturdy! it’s just down the road from the Harpa Concert Hall too! Reykjavik is very small, I imagine the same distance from say Oxford Circus to Southbank. We were only there 3 days but I felt like I knew my surrounds really well by the end of it.


And that my friends, rounds up my trip to Iceland! If you have an questions or are planning a trip to Iceland please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

I also blogged my trip, it has lots more details so please have a watch

Paige x

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