Life On Film | June 2018


This heatwave has meant that this past month has been wonderful. I’ve done so much, been to so many lovely events, visited Berlin and had great time with all of my friends.

Below is my latest roll of film, I use the Canon Sure Shot Supreme. I purchased it off a seller on Depop and cannot recommend enough, shop here.


Rachael and I went along to a wine tasting at The Ned the other week, some of the best wine and most importantly, the best cheese I’ve ever tasted.


 A little lion plant pot that was part of the best goodie bag I’ve ever received from a Matthew Calvin event.


New & Other Stories silky trousers that I love (although they crease horrendously!), also the first self timer photo that turned out well! Top also from & Other Stories.


Mum and I visited Stonehenge two days after the Summer Solstice and it was amazing, incredibly magical and the weather was lovely. I cannot wait to go back and will for sure be attending the Winter Solstice.


Until you visit, you cannot imagine the great height and scale of the stones, I’m so fascinated by them. Fact: they’re as old as the Great Pyramid in Egypt.


I also went to Berlin at the beginning of June to see Monika. We explored so much and ate so much good food. See my Berlin Photo Diary for all the details.


Think this is my favourite photo from the whole roll. In love with this style of architecutre.


Hoping to make this a monthly thing, so come back next month for my ‘life on film’.

Paige x


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