The pressure to create content


As the title suggests, I have been feeling so much pressure (from myself) to create content and to post regularly. I always try to post twice a day on Instagram but earlier this week I just wasn’t feeling it and was in a real lull. I work from home so spend A LOT of my time in loungewear, old t-shirts and currently bikini’s, which is definitely not something to be documenting online.


I’m lucky to receive so many lovely gifting’s, such as this white dress from Miss Selfridge. But finding time and energy to put a outfit together, find a location and shoot is hard when I’m living outside of London and work from home (there’s only so many mirror selfies I can take!). I used to organise shoots with photographers but I’ve fallen out of love with doing that as I see my ‘candid’, stood-in-a-street photos doing so much better than a thought-out shoot that’s taken half a day to get a handful of photos for.


Contrary to the pressure I’m feeling, I love taking photo’s like these here in this post! My friend Rachael and I were between press day events and snapped these photos in a matter of minutes. Something I really enjoy, and of course is the ethos behind Instagram is that they are instant. For sure there’s gum on the floor and I look sweaty but I’m honestly not too fussed. I’d much rather share my life as it is than stage it ‘for the gram’.


I’d love to know if anyone else feels this way? Putting pressure on myself is definitely something I need to stop doing, if I don’t post twice a day, that’s so fine! Because in the grand scheme of things, there’s bigger fish to fry!

White dress – Miss Selfridge

Sandals – Similar, Birkenstock

Anklet – ASOS

Bag – similar, Rock N Rose

Paige x

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