Personal travel plans

Last month I made a little mid-year plan for myself to go on holiday once a month for the rest of the year. This month (a week today!) I’m heading to Ibiza with my pal Rachael for 4 days. Neither of us have been before so we’re super excited and have such a massive list of recommendations to get through whilst we’re these.

My little sister works at easyjet so I’m super lucky as flights are incredibly cheap for me! I’m making the most of it by booking a surprise holiday for my sister’s 21st, trying so so hard to keep to location a secret.

Part of my plan is to go on holiday on my own, I’m not sure why I have such a desire to do this but I really feel like I need to push myself to do something I would never normally do. Has anyone else done this? I also really want to learn to surf so this is something I’d love to try and do whilst on a solo trip.

I’ve been taking on lots of extra work to fund this little plan of mine, but have also been doing these holidays on a budget thanks so much to staff discounts!

I’d love to hear of any recommendations of places to stay in Europe, I have lots of ideas running around my head so need to refine it down!

We’ll soon see if I can pull off this plan, I’m yet to book September so that might be a very last minute holiday!

Seeing as the English summer is fading away I’m definitely going to be chasing the sun for the rest of the year, and making the most of my summer clothes.

Top: Miss Selfridge
Trousers: & Other Stories
Bag: my mama’s back in the day
Shoes: TkMaxx

Do let me know your travel plans if you have any!

Paige xxx

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